ioTalentSolutions is a trusted recruitment agency in Vancouver specializing in the IT, Technology and Blockchain industries. Our candidates deserve the best opportunity and corporate culture for their career. Similarly, our clients deserve to meet the best talents to grow their business.

“Data has surpassed oil in value”. Yet, we argue that it is only valuable if well interpreted. Despite the increasing amount of information, it has never been harder to find the right fit. However, Our team of passionate industry advocates offer strong backgrounds in relationship management. We thrive at exceeding expectations to ensure mutual success for candidates and clients.

Our unique solution is a combination of proven methods, strong values, and talent pool. As a result, we provide comprehensive solutions in Vancouver and other cities in Canada and USA for Tech and Bitcoin Jobs for your hiring and job seeking needs. Contact us today or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about who we are.

Personal Approach

Relationships have always been at the heart of what we do.

We take the time to know and understand people, and we work with companies who value what they have to offer.


Aligning business needs with candidate aspirations is what we do best. There is no better way to increase metrics from productivity to retention.

It’s our competitive advantage, and it can be yours too.

Industry Knowledge

Each of our members are active on open sources and possess  programming skills.

It makes it easier to qualify the right candidate for the right opportunity.



Blockchain enthusiast since 2014 with a proven rapport-building background. Developed websites since 13 years old and spent 5 years in the software industry.

About ioTalentSolutions
About ioTalentSolutions


Early crypto investor and avid blockchain advocate. Top performer with almost a decade of client management experience. Developing a decentralized application on the Blockchain.