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We’re focused on finding you the right role, corporate culture, and career path to fit your skills and goals. Connect with us so we can learn more about what makes you unique and help you find the best and high paying jobs in Canada, and USA.






    As a IT Staffing Agency, we provide our clients complete hiring solutions based on extensive evaluations and industry knowledge.

    Being a Recruitment Agency in Vancouver, our goal is not only to find the best talent, but also help you retain them. Ease your talent acquisition process when you connect with our team and candidates.


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    ioTalentSolutions is a trusted Recruitment Agency Vancouver & IT Staffing Agency in Canada specializing in the IT, Sales and Blockchain industries. Our candidates deserve the best opportunity and corporate culture for their career. Similarly, our clients deserve to meet the best talents to grow their business.

    Our unique solution is a combination of proven methods, strong values, and talent pool. As a result, we provide comprehensive solutions and help candidates find high paying jobs in Canada, USA, France and Switzerland. Contact us today or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about who we are.

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