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Connecting qualified professionals with exciting opportunities as one of the finest recruitment agency in Vancouver in IT, Technology and Blockchain industries.

For candidates exploring new technical and non-technical career paths, and for employers hiring and developing top talent teams.

CANDIDATE solutions

We’re focused on finding you the right role, corporate culture, and career path to fit your skills and goals. Connect with us so we can learn more about what makes you unique.
Career Path

From new graduates to executives, we can help you at any stage of your career. Our opportunities include technical, non-technical, permanent and remote positions. Let us help you find your career path. Browse opportunities you may have interest in.

How We Add Value

We spend countless hours with our candidates to improve their marketability. From interview preparation to industry insights, you can count on us to help you grow.

Commitment To You

Our results-driven team is committed to ethical practices and transparency. We update every candidate on a weekly basis and only present relevant opportunities.

Tech & Blockchain Employment Agency
Tech & Blockchain Employment Agency


We provide our clients complete hiring solutions based on extensive evaluations. Our goal is not only to find the best talents, but also help you retain them. Ease your talent acquisition process when you connect with our team and candidates.

Talent Network

We have international reach, and a multilingual team fluent in French & English. Connect with us to gain access to our network of top-tier professionals. We have the people that will take you to the next level.

Enhanced Services

As 360º recruiters, we provide a comprehensive and proven method. We assess repositories, technical aptitudes, soft skills, and culture alignment. However, we offer more than just recruitment. 

Industry Knowledge
As a Tech & Blockchain employment agency, we are passionate about those industries. Our goal is to connect individuals and companies who feel the same for mutual growth and success. If you share our passion, we want to work with you.